Font customization: How does it help designers’ work?

Date: 07.07.2021
Time: 05:00 pm (UTC)
Free participation
Speaker: Aleksandr Kudryavtsev, CEO TypeType


Font customization: How does it help designers’ work?
Why customize a font?

Why customize a font?

Customization is an instrument solving a large array of design tasks and helping corporate brand establishment.

It often happens that existing fonts do not correspond to the needs of a certain project. But font is not a static instrument that functions only the way it was created. To convey the company’s individual style, the font can and should be adapted and customized to one’s needs that may range from simple changes like diminishing the character composition to complex design changes in all glyphs.

We will try to cover all types of customization and tasks that can be solved with it.

Target audiences

  • Design agencies:
    We will show you how font сustomization enable creative solutions for any customer requests

  • Graphic designers:
    We will tell you how customized fonts make the design process easier and more flexible

  • Art directors:
    We will show that creating an individual brand voice is not impossible.

During the webinar, we will cover

  • Graphic customization
  • Technical customization
  • Customizing licenses
  • What problems customization solves
  • How many resources font customization takes

We will also show examples from our experience

During the webinar, we will cover
About us

About us

TypeType is an independent font design studio established in 2013. More than 35 000 designers all over the world have been using our fonts since. In our work, we have always relied on a scientific approach, deep analytics, and implementation of innovative technologies.

Our team will be happy to share our font creation experience.

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    • Types of variable fonts
    • What tasks they can solve
    • Advantages and disadvantages of variable fonts
    • Software supporting variable fonts

    We will also demonstrate examples of variable fonts use


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