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Variable fonts:
What’s new in them for designers?

Date: 7 April
Time: 11:00 am (EST), 04:00 pm (UTC), 07:00 pm (MSK)
Free participation
Speakers: TypeType font foundry team

Variable fonts: What’s new in them for designers?
Variable fonts – the present of graphic design

Variable fonts – the present of graphic design

Variable fonts are a breakthrough in modern typography. The technology appeared in 2016 but not all designers know about its existence yet.

According to a 2019 Monotype study, 71% designers all over the world don’t know yet what variable fonts are, or have heard about them but don’t understand how to use them.

We decided to change this and would like to tell you about variable fonts and the technology behind them. We’ll talk about correct use of variable fonts and what advantages they provide for designers’ work.

Target audiences

  • Web designers:
    We will demonstrate how variable fonts help speed up site loading and processing times

  • Graphic designers:
    We will tell you how variable fonts make the design process easier and more flexible

  • Design agencies:
    We will show you how variable fonts enable creative solutions for any customer requests

During the webinar, we will cover

  • What variable fonts are
  • What technologies enable them
  • Types of variable fonts
  • What tasks they can solve
  • Advantages and disadvantages of variable fonts
  • Software supporting variable fonts

We will also demonstrate examples of variable fonts use

During the webinar, we will cover
About us

About us

TypeType is an independent font design studio established in 2013. More than 35 000 designers all over the world have been using our fonts since. In our work, we have always relied on a scientific approach, deep analytics, and implementation of innovative technologies.

We started programming variable fonts in 2018. Currently, our collection features 13 variable fonts. In addition, we were among the first ones to master variable fonts hinting, which has drastically increased their web performance.

Our team will be happy to share our variable font creation experience.


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